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Booking a Session Before Purchasing a Service or Package

Booking a Session Before Purchasing a Service or Package

After you login, find the Service or Package you wish to purchase and click on the VIEW AVAILABILITY button. Above the red ADD TO CART button there will be either the name of the Healthwise Consultant who performs the Service, or a dropdown box with the names of several Consultants you can select from.



There will also be a dropdown box where you can select the week you want to book your session for.

After you have made your selections, click on the Show Provider Calendar link to bring up the booking calendar. Here you can select the time you want your session to start. To view the previous or next week you can click on the Previous or Next buttons in the upper right corner. When you have selected the starting time of your timeslot, click the Confirm button in the lower right corner to save your booking.

You should see a confirmation message with the name of the Consultant and the date and time of your booking.

Click on the ADD TO CART button to add the Service or Package to your cart. A confirmation message will display at the top of the page saying that it has been added to your cart. This message should also include the details of the booking you have just made.

Go through the checkout procedure as normal. When you view your Account you will see your booking has been made and is listed in your Upcoming Sessions.