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Backdating a Session

Backdating is used to book a session a Client has already attended but did not book a timeslot for.

Once a session has been given a past timeslot the Provider is notified when a session has been added to a past timeslot.

Team Leaders can backdate sessions within the current month and the previous month only (eg if it is December, you can backdate within December and November). They also have the ability to cancel a past session with/without penalty to the Client.

Providers can also backdate sessions. Currently Providers can only Edit/Delete timeslots but not add them.

Please Note: The following example is for booking a Multi Attendee service. The same procedure is also used for booking a Single Attendee service.

In Admin View hover over Sales until the dropdown menu appears. Click on Unused Sessions. You will be taken to the Unused Sessions page. This page lists all of the orders Client's have made containing sessions that have not been booked. The orders are listed by oldest order first.


Find the Client and the service/s they have attended that need to be backdated. When you have found it, click on the View Unused Sessions link and you will be taken to a page that lists all of the unused sessions for that Client's order. It will say All Sessions for [Invoice Number] (i.e. All Sessions for HW000123).

Sessions that have not been booked will have Unallocated under the Status heading.

If you have selected an order that contains a Multiple Attendee service (i.e. 2 on 1 Personal Training Session), when you backdate the session you will be backdating it for both of the Attendees.


Click on the Book Session link for the session you want to book and you will be taken to the booking calendar.

From the Consultant dropdown select the Consultant the Client attended their unbooked session with. From the Dates dropdown box, select the week the session was attended. Next, click on the Show Available Timeslots button to view the timeslots you can book the session into.

Select the timeslot for the appropriate day, then click on the Confirm Booking Times button.


You will be taken to the Confirm Attendance page where the details of the backdated session are displayed. Under the Actions heading you can select either Pending, Attended, Absent or Cancelled (Please Note: once a session has been marked as Attended no more changes can be made to it). Ensure that Attended has been selected then click on the Confirm Booking Times button and you will be taken back to the page that lists all of the unused sessions for the Client's order. It will now show the booking information for the backdated session you have just booked.