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Create a Product Category

In Admin View hover over the Products link until the drop-down menu appears. Click on Categories (P). This will take you to the Product Categories page where you can view the Product Categories for your entity. Here you can create, edit or delete Product Categories and set sizes (i.e. for clothing).

To create a new Product Category, click on the New Product Category button in the top right corner. This will take you to the Create Product Category page. You can create a Product Category by using the following steps:

  1. Enter a name for the Product Category
  2. Enter a Wage Deduction Code - The Wage Deduction Code follows the format of H for Healthwise, the first letter of your entity, and either the first three letters of the Product Category name OR the first letter of each word in the Product Category name. For example, the Wage Deduction Code for a Product Category called Exercise Equipment for the Queensland entity would be HQEE (Healthwise Queensland Exercise Equipment). If the Product Category was called Weights for the Western Australia entity, the Wage Deduction Code would be HWWEI (Healthwise Western Australia Weights)
  3. Enter a short name for the Product Category. This is used to create the URL address for the Product Category to be displayed on the Internet. - A short name is usually a shortened version of the Product Category name, but it can be the full name. An example of a short name for a Product Category called Exercise Equipment and Accessories could be equip-access or eea.
  4. Enter the details of the Product Category in the Description area. 
  5. Optional - The drop-down box for Belongs to contains a list of all Product Categories that have been created. If you were to select one of these Product Categories as what the new Product Category belongs to, the new Product Category will become a Sub-Category of the Product Category you selected. - For example, a Product Category called Exercise Equipment was created last week. Today you are creating a Product Category called Yoga Accessories. You select Exercise Equipment as what Yoga Accessories belongs to. Now Yoga Accessories is a Sub-Category of Exercise Equipment.
  6. Set the Default Calendar View (week or month) - This is used to decide how to display the Booking Calendar on the Client View.
  7. It is optional to set the Restrict assocciated packages to of a Product Category. You would use this if your Product Category was only going to be available for a limited time.

Click the Create Product Category button.