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Create a Group Class

In Admin View hover over the Products link until the drop-down menu appears. Click on Services. This will take you the Services page where you can view the Services for your entity. Here you can create, edit, or delete Services.

To create a new Group Class, click on the New Service button. This will take you to the Create Service page where you will fill in all of the details relating to your Group Class by using the following steps:

  1. Enter a name for the Group Class.
  2. Enter the details about the Group Class in the Description area.
  3. Ensure the Enabled box is checked. If it is not checked or you have unchecked it, your Group Class will not be displayed on the Client View.
  4. Select the Category that your Group Class belongs to. For example, a Group Class called Pilates Group Class would belong to the Category Pilates.
  5. Set the Default Calendar View - This is used to decide how to display the Booking Calendar on the Client View. Month is the most commonly used view for Group Classes.
  6. Optional - You can enter a URL to show a link that goes to an external web page that has more information about the Group Class.
  7. Optional - You can enter one or more email addresses into the Supplier email box. This will send an notification to the email address you enter whenever this Group Class is sold. If you want to enter more than one email address, separate them with a comma.
  8. Optional - You can check the Allow in package deals only? box if you want your Group Class to be sold only as part of a package. If you want it to be sold on it’s own AND as part of a package, leave it unchecked.
  9. Enter the Pricing for the Group Class.
    - Enter the PRICE the Service will be sold for. 
    - Enter the RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE of the Service.
    - Enter the COST of the Service (how much it costs to provide the Service) 
  10. If Fringe Benefits Tax applies, ensure the FBT? box is checked, otherwise uncheck the box.
  11. Enter the Duration of the Group Class. 
  12. Enter the Minimum Class Size - This is the LEAST amount of people who can book this Group Class for each timeslot.
  13. Enter the Maximum Class Size - This is the MOST amount of people who can book this Group class for each timeslot. 

Click the Create Service button.