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How to set up your email signature

Healthwise Email Signatures are ready for you to create!

Hi All,
Your email signature templates are ready to use. Please use this link. This is the email signature approved by Tod that all HG leaders must use globally if you decide to have an email signature. 
Please follow the instructions below, and Happy Christmas!
Step 1. Click on this link to create your HG email signature. There are two templates available , one with and one without photo. You will see these in the drop down menu as Health Wise and Health Wise ( with photo) . Click on the template you want and then click next. 
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Step 2. Fill out the required fields. If you choose the template with photo, you will be prompted to upload a photo like the below.  Please make sure that for the "Health and Fitness Goal" field that you keep this short. If you write a sentence or go overboard it will stuff up the formatting of the email signature. Have big health and fitness goals but keep them succinct :)!  Once you have filled out the fields click next. 

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Step 3.  Test your signature. Follow the prompts on the page to test that all links are working. Once done so, click on the Install your signature instructions link. 
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Step 4. Read on how to install your email signature that is relevant to your email system e.g gmail, outlook ..
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Step 5. Have a kickarse email signature which shows what an awesome HG team member you are! 
Marketing & BDM Manager
phone 0429 913 517
location 275 Grey St
South Brisbane 4101
Liberty Travel
Years in the industry: 7
Favorite Activity: HIIT
Health & Fitness Goal: 2017 Rugby comeback
Last Business Trip: New Zealand


How to set up image in email signature