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How to create a news item

How to create a news item for your home page

This is how to add new news items, edit existing ones or change the order of the current ones. You can see screen shots below or watch the following video tutorial -

The news items appear currently on the home page of each entity.


When you click on MORE it will take you to the full news item

Make sure you are logged in and click on the admin view then select News from the Content menu item

All news items will be listed and you can see who published it and when. You are able to edit the current one or if of no use then delete

You can also adjust the order they appear on screen with the green arrows and the first item appears currently on far left of screen or top

Select new News Item and add Title, Body of text, image and when you want it published.


You can also create a link of the image where you type in the URL of the Frontpage image link.


You can then create the item to appear on whichever entities you need.