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Cloning Packages, Products & Services

In Admin View, click the Clone link. This will take you to the Clone items to [entity name]. On this page you can choose whether to clone packagesproducts and/or services.

Please note: You are cloning packages, products and/or services FROM a Source Entity TO your current Entity

You can only clone items from a Source Entity if your current Entity does not already have them.

You can clone packages, products and/or services by using the following steps:

  1. From the Clone Type drop-down menu, select either Packages or Products/Services.
  2. From the Source Entity drop-down menu, select the entity you wish to clone FROM. (e.g. If you are on the FC QLD entity and you wish to clone a product from FC NSW/ACT, then FC NSW/ACT would be the Source Entity.)
  3. A list of Packages or Products and Services (depending on which you have selected) will be displayed. These are all of the items you can clone FROM the Source Entity TO your current entity.
  4. Tick the box next to the items you wish to clone.
  5. Optional: If you are cloning Products/Services, you can select any Product or Service Categories that the Source Entity has to be cloned to your current Entity. 

Click the Clone selected item(s) button to clone the items from the Source Entity to your current Entity.

The subcategories will go across if you are cloning a package/service/product that belongs to that subcategory so long as that package/service/product does not already exist on the entity you are cloning to. 
If the service/product/package already exists on the entity, you can't clone a subcategory. You will need to create the subcategory manually.

What can be cloned?

All products, services and packages that do not currently exist on your entity. When you clone products, services and packages, the categories, subcategories, attachments, text, SKU codes etc will be cloned across also.

What can't be cloned?

You cannot clone products, services or packages if your entity already has the same ones as the Source Entity.

You also cannot clone categories or subcategories even if your entity does not have them. To clone a category or a sub-category, you need to clone the product/service/package that belongs to that category or sub-category.

If you already have the product/service/package, you will need to create the category or sub-category manually.