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Merging Users

Change a User's Details

If the person is changing their

  • email address
  • last name
  • or the entities they belong to 

you must change it in CORE. Every day, CORE is synced with the HWMS to automatically update users. User accounts in the HWMS will only be as accurate so long as CORE is accurate.


Merging Users

If you have someone who has two or more accounts, you will need to merge the accounts together.

WARNING: Merging users is PERMANENT and CANNOT be reversed. 

In the Admin view, hover over the Admin link until the drop-down menu appears. Click on Users. This will take you to the Users page where you can search for users.

  1. Search for the user account that is the correct account you want to keep.
  2. Click on the user's name to view their profile and booking history.
  3. Click on the Merge User button.
You will be taken to the Merge Users page where you can select the user/s (called merge candidates) you will merge into the user you want to keep. Users that can be merged into another users are selected based on the following:
  • T4
  • Email address
  • Name
When you merge a user into another user, the following information is copied over:
  • BioAge Consults
  • Bookings (purchases of products/services, timeslots booked/attended/pending/absent)
  • External Touches
  • Events
To merge someone from the merge candidate list into a user, you must carefully review the merge candidate to ensure it is the one you want, tick the checkbox next to it, then select whether you want to merge and disable or merge and delete the merge candidate. When you have made your selections, click the Merge button.
Merge and disable - Account information will be merged from the merge candidate into the user, however you will still be able to view the merge candidate's account in the system.
Merge and delete - Account information will be merged from the merge candidate into the user, then the merge candidate will be deleted from the system.


For example, Jane Doe has an account with her email address (, but she got a new email address ( and created a new account using this email address. To merge these two together, you would view her profile that has the email address, and click the Merge User button. You would then tick the checkbox next to Jane Doe, choose to merge and delete, then click the Merge button.
The account that has her email address will now be the only account in the system and will have the information from her old account added to it.

Merging users - latest development July 2012

The reason duplicate users emails change is because of the CORE syncing import script. It looks at all users in the system and matches them with information in CORE based on their T4 which is why duplicate emails that previously had +dup or something similar in them to differentiate them from the correct user's email address automatically change back.
When the merge user feature is deployed, you will be able to merge accounts together which means only one of the duplicate accounts will have a T4.

These are the steps I look. 

1) Edited the Amanda Wigmore, changed her email address from to and unlinked her from the Amanda Wigmore with the email address. Clicked Update.
2) Edited the Amanda Wignore with the email and changed it to Clicked Update.
3) Whilst viewing the profile for Amanda Wigmore (found here I clicked the Merge with User button. On that page, I ensured that Amanda was selected and that it would Delete merged users (Post Merge Actions). Clicked Merge button.