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Welcome to Healthwise Help and Training for HWMS!

Here you can read tutorials with images and step-by-step instructions, and watch videos on using the Healthwise Management System.

Tutorials and videos can be found on the left in the Help Menu. Please note - you will need to have speakers or headphones plugged into your computer to hear sound when viewing videos

We will be continually adding more content so check back often.

The following topics are currently covered:

Where to Login for Admin (where to login to the Admin View) & Clients (where to login to their Account)

Product & Service Categories
Creating Product & Service Categories
Editing & Deleting Categories
Changing the Order of Categories & Packages

Products & Services
Creating Products & Services
Editing & Deleting Products & Services
Setting Sizes on Products

Package Expiration Emails
Changing the Order of Categories & Packages

The Calendar, Timeslots & Bookings
Using the Calendar & Creating Timeslots
Viewing & Booking Unallocated Sessions (Booking Sessions on Behalf of a Client)
Backdating a Session
Blocking Out Time

Providers - Commissions & Invoices

Client View (Frontend)
About the Client View (aka Frontend)
Creating Content pages for the Client View

Additional Information
Create a Group Class
Create a Class Pass
Change the Payment Method of a Purchase

Events & Challenges
Create an Event
Create a 12 Week Challenge
Create a Steps Challenge

External Touches
External Touches - Uploading & Viewing in Touch Reports
CSV Format & What "Needs Attention" Means