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Create a Class Pass

In Admin View hover over the Products link until the drop-down menu appears. Click on Packages. This will take you the Packages page where you can view the Packages for your entity. Here you can create, edit or delete Packages.

To create a new Class Pass, click on the New Package button in the upper right corner. This will take you to the Create Package - Basic page. Create a Package by using the following steps:

    1. Enter a name and description for the Class Pass.
    2. Ensure the Enabled box is checked. If it is not checked your Class Pass will not be displayed.
    3. Esure that only one attendee has been selected for "The number of attendees who will make the purchase?"
    4. Optional - You can enter the Pricing for the Class Pass or you can leave this part blank and the values will be calculated automatically based on the Services/Products that make up the Class Pass.
      - Enter the PRICE the Class Pass will be sold for. 
      - Enter the RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE of the Class Pass.
      - Enter the COST of the Package (how much it costs to provide the Class Pass)

    5. Under Package Components, select the services that will make up the package but do not enter anything for the quantities.
    6. Next click on the Advanced tab at the top of the page.

    7. Scroll down to the last option for Step 1- Class Pass/Group Class.


    8. Enter the number of passes available - This is the number of sessions an attendee can book for the services that make up the package.
      For example, if a class pass has 4 sessions and 2 services (Service A and Service B), the attendee can book 1 session for Service A and 3 sessions for Service B or 2 sessions for Service A and B etc)
    9. Step 2: Calendar Display Options - Choose one of the following 2 options:
      Only display timeslots created for this package? - If you select this option, then only timeslots that have been specifically created for this Class Pass will be displayed on the booking calendar. This means that only timeslots that have been created
      where the Class Pass has been selected as the Package and a service that is part of the Class Pass has been selected.


      Show timeslots for all services in the package on one calendar? If you select this option, then all timeslots that have been created for services that make up the Class Pass will be displayed on the calendar. However, you must ensure that no timeslots for different providers overlap each other. If they do, this will cause errors with the calendar. 

    10. Optional - Keep package items consistent with booked package items? - How this option works: If you select this option when you initially create the Class Pass then you change any of the Services/Products (add or remove them) that make up the Class Pass at a later date, then attendees who purchased the Class Pass before you made your changes will automatically receive the updated version of the Class Pass.

      For example, on Monday, an Attendee named Lisa buys Class Pass X which is made up of Service 1 and Service 2 and has 4 Passes. On Friday a TL named Bart adds Service 3 and two additional Passes to Class Pass X. Lisa's Class Pass X is updated automatically to include Service 3 and the two extra Passes. 

    11. Finally, click the Create Package button.