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Adobe Air Offline Bio-Age Consults

PLEASE NOTE: Before downloading the new version (deployed 10/09/2012), please upload any offline consults you completed with the version you have.

To download the latest version of the Adobe App Offline Consults (Bio-Age) Consultatron (deployed 29/10/2013) visit this address:

To upload an offline Consult you have just completed or have saved previously to your computer:

  1. Make sure the Consult you want to upload is open in the Consultatron (To open a previously saved Consult, click on File in the upper left corner then Load Consult, find the one you want to upload & open it)
  2. Click on the File button in the upper left corner.
  3. Next click on Upload Consult.


  4. A box will pop up saying "Uploading Consult Please Wait"
  5. When it is done, a box will display letting you know that the consult has been successfully uploaded.


To view the Consult, log into the Admin View of your entity and click on Consult Responses. Here, you can search for and view the Consults you have performed for Clients.